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Speaking Images for Kids 1.2

Speaking Images for Kids can help kids learn new words and their pronunciation
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Speaking Images for Kids is a very simple application which can help kids learn new words and how to pronounce them correctly. The application may be intended for small kids who are learning their own language and also for foreigners learning English. The program shows different words with an illustrative image and their pronunciation in British English. The pronunciation can be heard many times by clicking on the corresponding icon.

The images can be passed by clicking on the arrows and you can also use the arrow keys. Unfortunately, there's no way to select the image you wish to see and hear. The program always starts from a different image and they are shown randomly. The images are very attractive and the program is run in full screen, so the students don't have any distractions. It would be great if it included a menu with the included words organized by category, so it would be much easier to look for a certain word.

In short, if you are looking for a simple application to teach small kids English or simply help your kids learn new words and their pronunciation, Speaking Images for Kids may work for you.

Silvana Mansilla
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  • Free
  • Nice images
  • Very easy to use


  • It lacks a menu with the included words
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